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About Us

Games You Love


Founded in 2018, Ghost Quarter Games is a business dedicated to placing the customer first. Whether your passion is tabletop roleplaying games, competitive card games, or classic board games; we pride ourselves in carrying the most popular and up to date titles on the market. We will be hosting regular tournaments on dates to be announced! We have 3300 total square feet of Storefront, with 2200 of that dedicated to Gaming. So no matter what type of Gamer you are we have the space for you here at Ghost Quarter.

Building Community


For casual and competitive sessions, feel free to swing by our shop for organized gaming events!

Also for community made events, feel free to join our Meetup page at Ghost Quarter Games Community.

How We Help


Whether you're looking for the newest product for family game night, or the most efficient tactics for your favorite competitive card game; our knowledgeable staff is there to help you!